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Work In The Industry You Want to Start a Business In

A quick update:

I've been really busy trying to seal up a job offer. I was in the middle of a post about results oriented work environment (ROWE) when I came across an excellent opportunity to be a software consultant for an ERP company.

I want to make this a quick one so I don't get lost in the vortex life's to busy to blog. But I have a second interview for a software consulting gig that I'm 95% sure I'll stick. And this just gives me an opportunity to remind you that knowing an industry can give a big head-start when it comes to starting a venture. Even if you aren't a key player in your role, there are still many things you can learn just through observation.

I'm so excited for this since it kills three birds with one stone.

1) It gets me out of the dungeon that is manufacturing and broadens my horizons so that I don't get pigeonholed down the path of becoming a boring Six Sigma "Master Black Belt." (Shiver)

2) It gets me into a consulting career path, which is something I've always imagined myself doing whether corporate or on my own - I really like helping people and why shouldn't I get paid to come up with innovative solutions to other peoples problems?

3) It gets me into the world of IT and software, which gives me risk-free (I'm getting paid) insight into whether or not people will rely on technology more heavily into the future or less - and basically every other aspect of diving into the web 2.0 sphere. Even though this isn't a "web 2.0 company," I'm going to be working on the leading edge of where old world business intersects new world technology; and that's a great place to be when the evolution of technology is happening right underneath your feet.

Even though I'm getting treated for lunch for this second interview, it's not 100% until I have a written offer in my hands. But the point remains: if you want to start your own business, try to work in that industry so that you can get a real-world taste of the of the challenges you will face and so you can gain deeper insight into how you might be able to exploit some of the finer nuances of the industry.


Wish me luck!

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  1. Well, firstly Good Luck to you.

    Secondly, IT has too complex proprietary rules & laws to avoid the so called “conflict of interest” which might often prevent IT people from starting his / her own business while still at work.

    Anyway, hope that you do well in your new job!

    Cheers! Jay

  2. Thanks for the support and the insight!

    I really don’t know much about the world of IT, which I guess is the whole point :)

    I’m not sure if I want to start a new venture in this sphere, but it will be nice to know what I would be getting into before taking that leap. I could very well be turned off by all the subtle nuances of the industry and look elsewhere.

    I guess that’s the beauty of it all.

  3. I’m sure I’ll hear the holler or the groan when you get a reply :)

  4. congrats… I think this is great advice. So it seems like you want to start your own consulting firm, he? very interesting. I think that the entrepreneurial path will be the next big leap for you

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