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Well, this is my second go at enacting a blog. The first time was a bit of a bore and snore, I think it ended up being a whiney bitch fest of me moping about being a recent college graduate and without a job. Coincidentally, I find myself back in school and back on the job search horse. But I think I've got a few more interesting things to say this time around.

I'm not sure what kind of outlet this will evolve into, but I do know that I'm currently in a transformative phase of my life and that this venue might help sharpen my efforts. I'll keep it brief for now, but I'll wrap things up and keep in theme by noting my recent epiphany about "web 2.0": that is, I've found that the new socially connected web has presented me with the most relevant information I think I may have witnessed thus far on the internet. It seems like almost every page I read lately has exactly the information I was looking for, or exactly the kind of information I didn't know I was looking for until I came across it. So with that, you probably found yourself reading this very post because of the aforementioned phenomenon.

Kind of neat huh?

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  1. I’m so glad you’re back to writing. You are a avery insightful writer. Keep it up!

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